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About Simon

Simon is a keen walker and a writer. He has recently walked and wild camped along the whole of Offa’s Dyke. He is a member of the Mountain Training Association, has a recognized 'Lowland Leader' qualification as a walking guide, and has a current 'Outdoor First Aid' certificate. He loves the area and would love to share it with any one who may not find these walks by themselves and would like to be taken out with someone who knows the area (and even with those who would find the walks, but would like to share the experience of walking together). Locals, visitors, and tourists are all equally welcome.


About the Vale

The Vale of Clwyd is a unique and beautiful area. The contrast of fertile fields and low lying idyllic countryside, with the stunning ridge of mountains that give the Vale its shape, make it like nowhere else in the UK. There are churches that have been prayed in since they were Celtic wooden structures, and there are old country houses and manors that go back centuries in their history. Along the river you may be lucky enough to glimpse grey wagtails, dippers and kingfishers… and flying high above buzzards and occasional red kites are never far away.

About the Walks

These Walks are a chance to enjoy the Vale - it's scenery, wildlife and it's history too - as well as a chance to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of simply walking in beauty, and walking with others. 

Most of the walks (except for three of the shorter ones) start from Ruthin, mostly heading north into the Vale, sometimes a little to the east, sometimes a little to the west, and sometimes right into the centre of the Vale.

We will attempt to find a pace for the walks that is comfortable for the whole group on any given occasion, falling more towards the pace of the slower members so as to be inclusive. However I would encourage any who fall behind to ask us to slow down, if needed, and we will continue to adjust the pace as necessary.

Friendly conversation is encouraged but so is companionable silence – and there is the option for both. Essentially if you want to chat away or remain quiet or have a little of both, either are encouraged or welcomed on the walks, in an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another.

All walks (except for the Moel Famau longer walk) are a medium level capability. Whilst this is not strenuous hill climbing, it involves climbing over stiles, potentially muddy paths, the occasional uphill scramble, or less even part of ground, and also some road/country lane walking.

So a general sense regarding walking is needed, and road sense whilst on roads, as well as sensible footwear, enough water, and the option for waterproof clothing of some sort if needed. These are not short walks (even the shorter ones are not that short!), and on most routes there are occasional extra challenges such as broken stiles at places, or extra growth in corn fields, at certain seasons. So you do need a reasonable level of fitness.

Though having said this they are aimed at most people, and all ages, as long as there is reasonable fitness.

One unpredictable element is the behaviour of farm animals in the fields we pass through. We will only use public footpaths, but animals can be unpredictable in which case, you may need to make your own appropriate decisions.

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