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What to know before you come

To bring with you

Please bring waterproofs and walking boots.

Please bring a full packed lunch for the Day Walks, and the Moel Famau walk.

For the shorter walks, snacks and drinks should suffice (though feel free to bring a lunch as well if you think you will need it).

But please also bring enough in terms of food, drink and snacks for all the walks as snacks and fluids are vital for energy levels.

Some of the walks include an optional stop for ice-cream, tea and cake, or a drink - where there are optional stops like these, the choice to stop or not, will always be decided by what the majority desires.

Where to meet

For walks starting from Ruthin (These are the Day Walks, the Ruthin to Rhewl short walk and the Moel Famau walk)  - Meet at the top of town (Grid Ref: SJ123582). 

We will gather outside the old black and white Tudor style building which was the Old Court House.

We will meet under a sign saying ‘THE OLD COURT HOUSE 1401’, where there are two benches.

This building is by the roundabout on St Peter's square at the top of town.

For walks starting from Rhewl (these are the St Saeren's and Lady Bagot's shorter walks) - We meet on the pavement by the children's playground which is next to the tennis courts (Grid Ref: SJ111603).

For the walk starting from Llangynhafal (This is the Llangynhafal and Hendrerwydd shorter round walk) - we meet just outside/next to the Golden Lion Pub (Grid Ref: SJ129635).

We will wait up to 5 minutes for any latecomers.

Time of arrival

Whilst an estimated duration is given for each walk inclusive of planned breaks, this is only approximate. Group speed and ability will vary as well as temperament on any given day, and so it is worth allowing for the possibility of arriving back to the destination up to 1 hour and a half before the time declared, and up to 1 hour after the time declared.

Level of challenges and type of walking

All walks are of a moderate difficulty. 

A couple of the shorter walks are easier, and the Moel Famau walk is a much more significant challenge.

Reasonable fitness and walking sense is needed for any of these walks. (See also ‘about the walks’ in the 'about' section for more information.)

At times we will re-route when obstacles become too dangerous. However there are times when changing a route because of a blocked up path, or a broken stile, would take too much away from the route. Therefore, be prepared for the occasional challenging moment on the walk, though only that which is a part of walking in the countryside.

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